The villages of Haute Maurienne Vanoise


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The forts of the Turra, Ronce, Variselle....
The history of the Mont Cenis area in the Pyramid at Mont Cenis

The Franco-Italian Centre (information about Mont Cenis and the Susa valley)
The Maurienne Baroque Centre (in the old church)
The Val Cenis Vanoise Dairy Cooperative where prize-winning Beaufort cheese is made. Tours of the factory are available and local produce can be bought.




The Chapel of  Saint Sébastien with its 15th century wall paintings.
The Pierre aux Pieds (2600 m) with its 30 or so fossilised human footprints and numerous cup-shaped motifs, 
The Pierre des Saints (1990 m)with about 150 cup-shaped motifs.


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Exhibitions in the Tourist Office
Guided visits of the church and its 18th. century reredos
Examples of Baroque art and votive chapels
“La Pleureuse” – a First World War Memorial (unusual in that it represents a weeping woman rather than a soldier)
The old quarter of the village



Guided visits of the Baroque churches of Sollières and Sardières
The Monolith – 93m high – at Sardières
The village of Châtel and its shale quarry (characteristic roofing material of the area)
Mont Froid (site of the highest battle in Europe) and its forts
The museum of Archaeology which contains the oldest evidence of  human occupation  of Haute Maurienne – the Balmes grottoes 




Guided visit of Baroque workmanship and altar tables in the church and chapels
The church of St. Pierre d’Extravache (16th. century)
Wall painting on the façade of a house dating from 1620 and representing the Annunciation
La Crosta – a path dating from the times of the Romans and Charlemagne         
Oratories and votive chapels

Bread making, using traditional methods, in the 2 original ovens of the commune


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The church of St. Jean Baptiste and the chapel of St. Antoine
The chapels of St. Etienne and Notre Dame des Grâces (Villaron)
The hamlets of Villaron, Goulaz, Vincendières and Avérole (traditional architecture)
Museum of Traditional Life – the way of life in a farming community at the turn of the 19th./20th. century
Daily visits to a cheese factory (Beaufort...)



“Snow and Mountains” – an exhibition about winter sports, daily life, local art

The village is designated one of “The Most Beautiful Villages in France”
The hamlet of Ecot

The Iseran Pass

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